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The Mission of Starseed Technology is to advance THE MISSION of all

STARSEEDS on this planet.

By providing DNA activation classes this will enable the dormant parts of ourselves

to come online and create a stronger and more powerful presence on this EARTH.

Most importantly we wish for all STARSEEDS,




We designed these classes to create a "STARSEED FUND" so when we reach

a consistent subscriber base we will provide "STARSEED GRANTS" to those that need

financial resources to help activate and initiate their transition to a life that serves

humanity while no longer feeding the system.

Examples may include:

Funding for a documentary (Secret Space Program, Holistic Health, etc.)

Workshops or Trainings for specific disciplines (Reiki, Shamanism, Sound Healing)

Organic Farming / Living off the Grid and providing services to others in the community


As we create this NEW EARTH we'd like to provide as many resources to humanity

and expand our vision for a sovereign and healthy sustainable way of living.

We are excited for this to take root and 

grateful that you are part of the process!


More details to follow on the grant selection process once we have created our funding 





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