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These classes are designed to take you from Awakening to Ascension with DNA Activations in your physical, mental and emotional body.

Classes include: Guided Meditation, Breathwork, Physical Movement, Sound Healing, Hypnosis and time after class to connect with other Starseeds

Past Classes Include:

Awakening the Hero / Throat Chakra & Solar Plexus Chakra Activation
Healing Our Hearts & Hidden Wounds / Heart Activation / Connecting to the Lyrans
Strengthening Our Aura & Connecting to the Angelic Realms 
Activating Our Authentic Selves / Deep Diving to Lemuria & Atlantis / Intuition Activation
Vibrational Vetting & Mastering Your Domain / Connecting to Pleiadian Energy
Grounding Ourselves to Rise Up / Connecting to Agartha and Root Chakra Activation
Arcturian Activation for Healing Our Lower Chakras for Harmony & Balance

Riding the Wings of the Blue Dragon from Pleiades & Heart Activation
Divine Wisdom from the Sirians to Tap into the Akashic Records

  • Starseed Technology DNA Activation Class
    Mon, Jun 21
    ZOOM Link will be emailed after payment
    Jun 21, 8:00 PM EDT – Jun 22, 9:00 PM EDT
    ZOOM Link will be emailed after payment
    #PreparefortheSolarFlash on Summer Solstice and Connect with the Lyrans